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Welcome to
the LASA Soccer
Booster Club

Booster Club Board Members

President - JoAnne McIntosh

Vice President - Kevin Mefford

Treasurer - Karri Reames

Secretary - Mara Klein

Communications - Kristin Castaño and Carlos Castaño

Fundraising - Allison Gerold

The Booster Club is organized under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

To that end, the Booster Club will support the coaches and players of the Soccer Program of LASA by: 

  • fostering school spirit and supporting activities related to the Soccer Program; 

  • providing educational activities related to the Soccer Program; 

  • raising funds to solely support the needs of the Soccer Program; 

  • obtaining support and sponsorship of the Soccer Program; 

  • recognizing players and coaches of the Soccer Program; 

  • sponsoring pre-season and post-season functions for the Soccer Program; and

  • working to attract new players to the Soccer Program all within the guidelines of the University Interscholastic League (“UIL”), the Austin Independent School District (“AISD”), LASA, these Bylaws and applicable regulations relating to IRC §501(c)(3). 

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